Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The power of dreaming big

What I learned over the years is that you have to dream and dream big. Why not dream big, It;s free.

Why this is important is because unless you dream you wont have an idea or what you want in life.

You have to know what you want. It has to be clear. More important than how to get there is what there should look like. If you don't know the destination you cant get there Period.
Determine what you want your life to look like first. Get that vision clear in your head and the how will appear.

You wont even realize it at first. The more you get clear on what you want combined with belief that it will happen will accelerate the idea to materialize in your life. before you know it opportunities will present themselves that will start to lead you toward making the dreams come true.

All of this might sound like BS but the truth is that everything you see around you, like your car, house, stove, etc, started out as an idea and was part of a dream for someone and now it is real.

Believe that you can, and you can. believe that you can not and you can not.

You set your own limitations by what you believe you can and can not do.

Believe it and Live More.

Dinner was fantastic Casa Del Mar

Last night dinner at Casa Del Mar was fantastic.

This place right on main road had plenty of good things going for it.

It was later than usual as I found myself walking down the A1A toward the crowds where a cluster of restaurants are and the night comes alive with music and the smells from the various kitchens.

Not wanting to eat too much, and not wanting to have any left over since our trip was coming to an end, we stopped at Casa Del Mar to view the menu as we had been doing at the line of restaurants.

What I had in mind was something like shrimp with garlic. What I found was shrimp Scampi with pasta at Casa Del Mar.

The pasta was aldente, the sauce was light and savory with a hint of butter and citrus, the shrimp nicely placed and all cooked to perfection.

What I noticed most was when we told them we wanted to share a dinner questions, no fuss about it. They brought it out in a nice large plate with separate plates for both of us to serve. Like a family style mean. We split it onto our plates and it was awesome from the first bite to the last.

We where free from the many mistakes establishments make when someone asks to share a plate.

They often do one of the following things that I hate:

They tell you sharing is not allowed.
They charge extra for the extra plate.
They make the food portion smaller than usual.

None of this was brought up and it was definitely enough for us both.
Our bill was about $32 that included tip for one dinner entree and two iced teas.

Check them out if out this way and Live More.

Last full day in Florida

Last Day of our get away in Florida and experiencing record cold.
Whats up with that? It is still going to be 70 hahaha a far cry from Chicago weather.

So today I am going to work a little to drive my business. Consistency is important even when traveling. It is sooooo easy to just not do anything. But doing nothing means no growth and no money. We musty take steps every day toward our goal.

At the start and end of every day take time to focus on your goals and dreams.

Everything that as to be must first become an image in your mind so it can give birth to the idea that in kind will place before your feet the step required to turn those ideas into reality.

What you think about the most will present itself in your life.
Think big take massive action and Live More.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hey there Today was playing  Golf in Ft Lauderdale 18 holes of wonderful ball chasing.
Love the game but like some foods it is an acquired taste.

The point of it all is Have fun. make time for it. reward yourself often.
Work hard harder.

Soon i will add video just to make you go hmmmm.
If he can do it so can I.

And you would be right.

Dream often, Live More.

chapter one Day one

OK I am about to share some of life's experiences and hope it will inspire someone to greatness..

When I was younger, I often thought, I wanted to share my thoughts ideas etc but believed I had to have a few before I can be taken serious. I believe I am there now and still growing.

You might ask, am I rich? Not at this time. I believe I was before but life threw me a few curves.

Can anyone relate?

You have the world in your hands but not wise enough to know it at the time.
You are stuck in a job , relationship or situation and you don't want to die there!
You know you must do something different but not sure what.
Your scared because it will affect everyone around you and your afraid to gamble with their future.
All the while you are really just holding yourself and them down and back.

That was me at one time but I also believe I was destined for greatness. Even now at over 50 I believe to have a higher calling. I want to take as many along as I can and Live More.

I have been a laborer, electrician , machinist, mechanic, photographer, manager, director, business owner , coach, father, husband, entrepreneur and many other things. My life has had more than 50 shades and growing. HA ha ha life is good.

What will always be true: I am still growing, learning and willing to try new things. I will reach my goals of success and every day I am closer. Because I believe it. It is ingrained in every fiber of my being and I will not be denied.

Every man and women should start out with the end in mind. Hold tight to it or it will die. Your dreams need your hopes to stay alive. Sharing success inspires hope.

Journey with me on this quest of life,  maybe what I share will spark your intellect and cause you to identify an opportunity that may change your life forever.

I will try to write daily and I hope what you read will stick with you until the next time.
Also I will share the good the bad and the stupid. Yes everyone has and will do something stupid.
STUPID happens to everyone. You are human are you not?

For now imagine what you want your life to look like. Form that vision. Refine that vision.
paint that vision until you can create that vision.

Live More.

It grinds my gears

Yesterday while coming back from Key West to Ft Lauderdale inadvertently I got on the toll road.
In Florida this toll road does not accept cash or credit cards. Anyone can get on and off at will. They  offer no way out or a chance to get out once your in without charging you. Your license plate is recorded and you are latter sent a bill. How efficiant is that?

 If you rent a car like I did make sure you read the fine print regarding tolls.

The car rental place had given me a card indicating there would be a charge of $11.99 per day to have toll road access but I had to Opt in at time of signing. Since I had not done tha,t the penalty is now a charge of $11.99 for ever day of the contract. So $11.99 times 10 OMG, over $100 for the one use of the toll road. Wow.

Florida is a great place to visit and get away from the cold in the North.

But be careful or make enough money and this will not bother you enough to loose sleep over.

Follow my posts and soon you too will see the path set before your feet of prosperity.

Live more.