Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dinner was fantastic Casa Del Mar

Last night dinner at Casa Del Mar was fantastic.

This place right on main road had plenty of good things going for it.

It was later than usual as I found myself walking down the A1A toward the crowds where a cluster of restaurants are and the night comes alive with music and the smells from the various kitchens.

Not wanting to eat too much, and not wanting to have any left over since our trip was coming to an end, we stopped at Casa Del Mar to view the menu as we had been doing at the line of restaurants.

What I had in mind was something like shrimp with garlic. What I found was shrimp Scampi with pasta at Casa Del Mar.

The pasta was aldente, the sauce was light and savory with a hint of butter and citrus, the shrimp nicely placed and all cooked to perfection.

What I noticed most was when we told them we wanted to share a dinner questions, no fuss about it. They brought it out in a nice large plate with separate plates for both of us to serve. Like a family style mean. We split it onto our plates and it was awesome from the first bite to the last.

We where free from the many mistakes establishments make when someone asks to share a plate.

They often do one of the following things that I hate:

They tell you sharing is not allowed.
They charge extra for the extra plate.
They make the food portion smaller than usual.

None of this was brought up and it was definitely enough for us both.
Our bill was about $32 that included tip for one dinner entree and two iced teas.

Check them out if out this way and Live More.