Thursday, August 29, 2013

Critical Blood Shortage-Please Donate to the American Red Cross

Urgent need for platelets and types A-,B-, and O- blood

by  | on August 29, 2013 
While thousands of people answered the call for blood and platelet donations issued by the American Red Cross earlier this summer, an urgent need for platelets and types O negative, A negative and B negative blood remains.
There just aren’t enough people making the time to donate, but the truth is each open blood donation slot is tied to a pint of blood that we’ve promised to a hospital. A pint of blood that the hospital is counting on to be available for patients in need. A pint of blood that a cancer patient, trauma victim or premature baby requires to help save his or her life.
We’re asking you to help spread the word about this need. If we can work together to get the message out, we may be able to avert a shortage.
  • If you aren’t already, start by following and liking us:
  • Tweet or share this status:
    Urgent need for blood types A-, B- and O – remains. Red Cross has thousands of open appts. Schedule today. #givenow
  • Post a message on our Facebook page about what you’re doing to help.
  • Share the inspiring blood recipient videos available here.
  • Post your blood donation photos to Instagram with #summerofstories.
Live a story. Give a story. Together, we can save lives. 

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NSA paid Internet companies to cover up program costs

NSA paid millions to Internet companies to cover surveillance program costs

by  | on August 26, 2013 

NSA Top-secret national security documents leaked

NSANSA HeadquartersNSA
Top-secret national security documents leaked to the Guardian newspaper reveal that the United States government compensated the tech companies that signed on to participate in the controversial NSA spy program known as Prism.
The Guardian published on Friday new documentation attributed to former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden in which it’s suggested that the US National Security Agency spent millions of dollars making sure the biggest names on the Internet were kept compliant with an international surveillance program disclosed by the leaker earlier this year.
According to the paperwork provided by Snowden and discussed by the Guardian’s Ewen MacAskill on Friday, the NSA emptied millions of dollars on ensuring Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook were able to share information sent over the Web with the federal government.
The material provides the first evidence of a financial relationship between the tech companies and the NSA,” wrote MacAskill.
The Guardian article cites a top-secret NSA document from December 2012 in which the agency said through a newsletter that it spent millions to keep the tech companies cooperating with the government after the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled that it was a violation of the US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment to be collecting purely domestic communications through the Prism program.
Last year’s problems resulted in multiple extensions to the certifications’ expiration dates which cost millions of dollars for Prism providers to implement each successive extension – costs covered by Special Source Operations,” it reads in part.
Snowden, the 30-year-old leaker who has exasperated the US and British governments through a steady stream of classified disclosures, told the Guardian that the Special Source Operations unit handles surveillance programs, such as Prism, in which telecommunication companies and Internet providers sign-on to “corporate partnerships” with Uncle Sam.
Asked about the latest disclosure, a representative for Yahoo told the Guardian, “Federal law requires the US government to reimburse providers for costs incurred to respond to compulsory legal process imposed by the government. We have requested reimbursement consistent with this law.”
Facebook denied that it received compensation from the US government ever for facilitating the flow of private data. A representative for Google told the Guardian, “We await the US government’s response to our petition to publish more national security request data, which will show that our compliance with American national security laws falls far short of the wild claims still being made in the press today.”
In the wake of the first NSA disclosures leaked by Mr. Snowden, lawmakers in the US and abroad have debated whether or not the secretive surveillance programs, such as the Internet one operated under the name Prism, strike the proper balance between privacy and security.
President Barack Obama and his administration have made numerous claims that those operations exist with significant oversight to prevent any errors, including constitutional violations, but other documents released by Snowden in the wake of the first disclosures have shown that the NSA has accidentally collected the personal correspondence of Americans at least thousands of times annually. According to their latest report, the federal government is spending millions to find a way to keep those companies only collecting data that invades the privacy of those outside the US.

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The Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Text

by  | on August 27, 2013

According to Wikipedia, the text message was invented in the late 1980s to enhance mobile communication for the deaf – sort of like how the Internet was invented for NASA but worked out really well for porn.
Here, to help everyone behave a little better, are the Top Ten things you should never communicate in 140 characters.
(Note: the below only applies to people and situations you care about, or are trying to seem like you care about).

Big Secrets

The “forward” feature was invented to make it easy to send an exact copy of a text to many, many people. It also very conveniently allows you to alter the original message to take out things like, “Don’t tell anyone but…” for example. Tread lightly.

Sincere Apologies

Not like, “sorry I didn’t make it out last night, totally crashed.” That’s valid. More like, “I’ve been thinking about our fight and it really was dick of me to ignore you at that party cuz I was pissed from the night before.” That’s invalid, over the character limit, and bound to send you back to the doghouse for at least another day. Also, it’s not an apology.

Birthday wishes to really good friends

Please just call. And if you go to voicemail, please leave a nice message. Yes, modern times have made it acceptable and common to handle things the quick and easy way, but for certain people, acceptable and common is not enough. Take one minute out of your life and let your really close friend know you’re happy they were born.
And if you have to ask yourself if the person is a good enough friend to call versus text, they’re not.

Legit Congratulations

See above. Replace “you’re happy they exist” with “you’re so proud they won an Emmy.”

Pictures of your privates and/or brand new engagement ring

The boobs shot will get passed around like hot foreign athletes in an Olympic Village. The engagement ring will just annoy the shit out of whomever you send it to.

Passive aggressive fight starters

“Um, r u dead or just ignoring me?”

Responses to passive aggressive fight starters

“Just ignoring u”
Fact: The fastest way to escalate a fight is to conduct it over a medium that doesn’t allow for tone. Text, IM, Gchat, email, BBM – all instruments that will further the fight.


It’s hard to convey true sorrow for any kind of loss on a 3×3 inch screen, unless what was lost is someone else’s dignity. In that case “Dude that chick was busted” works just fine.


Don’t do this. Ever. If you’re asking “why?” then you don’t deserve to be in a relationship with another human.

Initiation of a first date

Last because it’s sure to elicit the most eye rolls. Listen, I think text is a wonderful tool for sending snippets of info to speed up communication and save cell phone minutes (if those even still exist). I also acknowledge that it’s very nerve-wracking to make that first date set-up call and very easy to type, “Hey, it’s Joe from last night. Want 2 hang Fri?” Bottom line, if you’re too nervous to call me, you’re too nervous to date me. TC mark

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Sleep Texting . New phenomenom

New phenomenon- Sleep texting

by  | on August 27, 2013 
For a country full of people in need of more sleep, we sure get a lot done while we’re snoozing. We walk and talk in our sleep, make sandwiches, go out driving, and even commit crimes. Now sleep-disorder specialists say that texting while sleeping is a burgeoning trend.
Sleep texting / Michael Bodmann/Getty Images The phenomenon is relatively harmless but does signal a collision at the intersection of smartphone addiction and sleep deprivation. Experts have noted before the many ways in which technology intrudes on healthy, restorative sleep, and how looking at a flickering screen near bedtime excites the brain at a time when stimuli should be at a minimum.
Subconscious texting can also lead to some compromising situations. Elizabeth Dowdell, a professor of nursing at Villanova University, has looked into sleep-texting among college students and learned that things can get pretty embarrassing when Freud is doing the thumb work.Dowdell told “US News & World Report” of one young woman who becomes sentimental and romantic in her sleep.
“A classmate texted her something about anatomy class, and her reply back was, ‘I just love it. I love you! You’re the light of my life,’” Dowdell said. “Then there was an old boyfriend who texted her, and she sent responses like, ‘I adore you, please come over,’ while she was asleep. She was mortified when she realized.”
Dowdell also mentioned a premed student who sleeps with mittens on to protect herself from her phone.
Between 25 and 35 percent of the 300 students surveyed by Dowdell said they have sent text messages while sleeping, and half admitted allowing technology to interfere with their sleep in some way. Formal research is lacking on the subject of sleep-texting, but it appears to track closely with increased prevalence of intense smartphone use. “US News” quotes research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project suggesting that 1 in 3 teens send more than 100 text messages per day, and at least 4 in 5 sleep with their phone on or near the bed.
See more sleep-text stories and confessions under the hashtag #sleeptexting. And if you’re concerned about what messages you may send from your slumber, consider the extraordinary step of powering down your phone at night. It really can wait till morning…

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MIley Cyrus VMA;s Tongue Twerking performance

Miley made Lady Gaga seem normal

VMAs 2013: Miley Cyrus uses foam hand as sexual prop

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke 

molesta foam hand while 


'Blurred Lines' during the 2013 MTV 

Video Music Awards in Brooklyn's 

Barclays Center Sunday night. 

Hanna Montana seems to think growing up means it is ok to display some 
HO-made moves on TV. 

Twerking with teddy bears WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT? 

Put that thing away 

This was Ho-rendus 


From Hana Montana to Miley Cyrus
 is like Dr Jeckel to Mr. Hyde, 

Total transformation in the wrong direction. 

I think Robin Thick was wishing she was elsewhere. 

Look at the faces of the Smiths 

LIKE OMG .......TO...Not looking at that !!!!

The VMAs, long known for its rude language and surprises, 

lived up to its crying-for-attention legacy with Cyrus’ 

performance. Lewdly thrusting out her tongue and nastily 

stroking her crotch, this one-time teen star worked hard 

to bag the sleaze award of the night

To cement the title, she stripped down to a flesh-colored 

bikini during a duet with Thicke on his smash hit “Blurred 


Miley better get a damn pregnancy test after doing all that 

grinding,” quipped comic Kevin Hart.

But then there is JT stealing the Show ..Awesome 

Justin Timberlake performs onstage before being joined by 
his *NSYNC bandmates.

Justin Timberlake, who tied for the most nominations of the night with Macklemore and Lewis, took the top Video of the Year prize for “Mirrors.”

He also received the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, a body-of-work prize bestowed upon him by his periodic comedy partner, Jimmy Fallon.

“This is the ‘you got old’ award,” Timberlake joked backstage.

A more earnest appearance came from the hit hip-hop duo 

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who performed their single 

“Same Love,” whose lyrics endorse equal marriage rights.

The performance was introduced by Jason Collins, the 

basketball player who recently came out as gay, and 

featured a guest vocal from Jennifer Hudson.

The clip won Best Video with a Social Message. “Out of 

every single song that I have ever written, to me, this is the 

most  important,” said Macklemore, who is straight. 

“Gay rights are equal rights. There is no separation.”

One surprise of the night: The girl-group Dannity Kane — 

who’d been formed by P. Diddy — announced their reunion, 

while taking a slight dig at their mentor. “We’re on our own 

terms this time,” one member said.

The electro duo Daft Punk, who hadn’t been set to appear, 

also made a surprise appearance, joining with club legend 

Nile Rodgers to give out the Female Video of the Year 

Award to Taylor Swift for “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

LADY GAGA kicks off Festivities at the VMAs.

Lady Gaga arrives at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards red 

carpet outside the Barclays Center on Sunday night.

Onstage, he performed a medley of his solo hits, from “Cry Me a River” to the new “Take Back the Night.” Then, he revealed the worst kept secret of the week — that he would reunite with his ’90s boy band ’N Sync. The fivesome, which hasn’t offered a major public performance in a decade, put in a fleeting performance of old hits like “Bye Bye Bye.”

Thirty Seconds From Mars took the Best Rock Video prize for “Up in the Air.” They beat out Fall Out Boy, Mumford & Sons, Imagine Dragons and Brooklyn faves Vampire Weekend.

Pink and Fun singer Nate Ruess won the Best Collaboration clip for their joint video, “Just Give Me a Reason.” It was an upset considering the stiff competition from Timberlake and Jay Z (“Suit & Tie”), not to mention Thicke’s much favored clip with T.I. and Pharrell, “Blurred Lines.”

Teen idol Selena Gomez got the Best Pop Video prize for “Come and Get It,” beating out stars as mighty as Timberlake and Mars.

Timberlake made up for that minor loss with added triumphs in the categories of Best Direction for “Suit & Tie” and Best Editing for “Mirrors.” Macklemore and Lewis also took the prizes for Best Hip-Hop Video and Best Cinematography for “Can’t Hold Us.”

The staging of the show at Barclays didn’t fail to impress, including a 60-foot blowup of the iconic Moonman prize. It was redesigned this year in a one-time only edition by the Brooklyn artist KAWS. With X’s on its eyes, and larger than usual ears, it looked like a gigantic, drunk Mickey Mouse.

This year’s show didn’t feature a host. The awards featured a new category this year, Song of the Summer, voted on by fans, via social media, during the show.

One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” took it, winning over more favored hits like “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky.” The boy band’s triumph inspired massive boos from the crowd at Barclays. It doesn’t get more Brooklyn than that.

Read more:

And just in-case you did sleaze it the first time 

Ok and now This was the best of the VMA's 


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