Tuesday, March 26, 2013

chapter one Day one

OK I am about to share some of life's experiences and hope it will inspire someone to greatness..

When I was younger, I often thought, I wanted to share my thoughts ideas etc but believed I had to have a few before I can be taken serious. I believe I am there now and still growing.

You might ask, am I rich? Not at this time. I believe I was before but life threw me a few curves.

Can anyone relate?

You have the world in your hands but not wise enough to know it at the time.
You are stuck in a job , relationship or situation and you don't want to die there!
You know you must do something different but not sure what.
Your scared because it will affect everyone around you and your afraid to gamble with their future.
All the while you are really just holding yourself and them down and back.

That was me at one time but I also believe I was destined for greatness. Even now at over 50 I believe to have a higher calling. I want to take as many along as I can and Live More.

I have been a laborer, electrician , machinist, mechanic, photographer, manager, director, business owner , coach, father, husband, entrepreneur and many other things. My life has had more than 50 shades and growing. HA ha ha life is good.

What will always be true: I am still growing, learning and willing to try new things. I will reach my goals of success and every day I am closer. Because I believe it. It is ingrained in every fiber of my being and I will not be denied.

Every man and women should start out with the end in mind. Hold tight to it or it will die. Your dreams need your hopes to stay alive. Sharing success inspires hope.

Journey with me on this quest of life,  maybe what I share will spark your intellect and cause you to identify an opportunity that may change your life forever.

I will try to write daily and I hope what you read will stick with you until the next time.
Also I will share the good the bad and the stupid. Yes everyone has and will do something stupid.
STUPID happens to everyone. You are human are you not?

For now imagine what you want your life to look like. Form that vision. Refine that vision.
paint that vision until you can create that vision.

Live More.