Monday, August 19, 2013

CNET reviews cell phone services

Comments on: Solavei offers unlimited, no-contract phone service for $49 per month

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Here below are what some people are saying about the various cell phone services: 

"Unlike Walmart's AT&T-powered Straight Talk, Solavei relies on T-Mobile's 4G network."

Incorrect on multiple points. 

First, Straight Talk offers both AT&T and T-Mobile USA SIMs. You choose which network.

Straight Talk is available at Walmart retail stores, however one can buy the Straight Talk SIM directly from Straight Talk without having any interaction whatsoever with Walmart. It's not Walmart's service, it's one that is available at Walmart.

Also, it should be explicitly noted that both AT&T and T-Mobile USA Straight Talk SIMs will run at 4G HSPA+ speeds based on network availability.

As far as I can tell, no AT&T MVNO currently has access to AT&T's nascent LTE network and that includes Straight Talk. T-Mobile USA does not have an operational LTE network, so that point is moot.

A little FYI: Straight Talk is no longer offering AT&T-compatible SIM cards for unknown reasons. It's even being reported that AT&T-based phones sold by Straight Talk are no longer available in many areas as well.


Ummmm - I just got an AT&T sim card for my LG Nexus 4.


I applaud cnet for finally starting to talk about the evil of the main carriers in the US. It never makes sense ( surely not financially) to buy a regular plan from one of the big carriers. Many of us commentors mention these alt options when cnet pushes typical carrier plans - nice to see an article about at least one such alt plan. Now maybe an tech article explaining to folks the details and smarts in a comparison between alt plans like these and big carriers plans - over the life of the plan.

companies like these gives you a definite advantage with your current carrier. for example, last summer i bought an unlocked samsung galaxy nexus from google, and was going to use prepaid plan through tmobile prepaid. since i was out of contract with tmobile postpaid, i called tmobile and told them i was going to cancel because i could get a better price through tmobile prepaid. since they knew i could get a better deal and i was about to leave them, they offered to match the plan and price. and since i have no problems with calls or data speeds in my area, i was fine signing a two year contract for post paid plan. I would imagine this would work for anyone else and their current service providers. I'm hoping solavei will be around in another year and a half when my contract is up because i would get more un-throttled data (2gb vs 4gb) than my current plan, and the opportunity to save even more through their rewards.

As soon as T-Mobile updates my area for 3G/"4G" HSPA+, I'm dumping Straight Talk for S o l a v e i. The primary reason is the hacks we have to do every time an iOS update is done to get data and MMS working. Hopefully they do it sooner than later. 

I've said it before on here - STOP CENSORING their name! You just did an article about them! 

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