Monday, August 5, 2013

Success is not getting what you want 

it is wanting what you get. 

I do not know what who said this first or why it came to me now but I need to move forward. I need to be accountable to myself. 

I will not fail. 

Have you said this to yourself before?

Being satisfied being filled having your life back. 

This is LIFE This is what Life is about. After everything is said and done it is about the memories family and what ever it takes. What ever it takesSO GET TO IT ....Make it happen. 

There is plenty for everyone ...take your share. 

Stay committed

Stay focused

DO not waver

This is a marathon don't run it like a sprint. 

You will get burnt out. 

I have cried from fear of failure. 
Worried about what I am going to lose if I fail. 

OMG so worried about what you might lose or what others might think......Geeee what if you do make it. 
Run of the energy of that thought instead of being brought down by the fear that you feel. 

Do not let fear kick you into submission. 
Going to work is the easy way. Thats the path of least resistance  the most predictable. It is the beat the masses dance to. 

I dance to a different drummer. 

Who is with me? 

Who wants something different? 
Who wants more? 
YEA baby. 

I have a calling to greatness and will scratch, kick, cry, fight my way to it. The only thing I know is you must do it legally and ethically. 

You need to get on this opportunity like white on rice. 

put  your ego aside and  share the story. 

NOW it is time to change your life. 

When you want more out of life…

Not happy at work…

Feel a calling to do something different…

When you have a DREAM that can’t be denied.

That’s when you must look at this video below.