Monday, April 8, 2013

improvements to come

As I get better at this I plan to provide more video and will get better at the whole process.
Forgive my newbie tendencies and focus on the actions, intentions, and possibilities.

This is where the money is and the rubber can meet the road.

Your destiny relies on your actions.

No decision is a decision to not do anything to improve your life.

You where meant for greatness and when you achieve it you are responsible to inspire others.

I believe this was a biblical lesson. People of faith are not meant to be poor. You can help more people if you can lend a helping hand. It is easier to lend that hand when you are not in need of a hand.

What you believe is what you can achieve. Ask and you shall receive but you have to answer the call.
You have to do what it takes once the opportunity has presented itself.

You cant go back and say gee God never helped me when he has put this and many other things right in your face.

Untill nest time

Live More