Monday, April 8, 2013

Money on the internet Secrets revealed.

Today I am traveling from Chicago to Kansas where my clients are. My business has been on a decline for a while. I have been spending allot more money than I have been making since things have slowed down. I must do something and quick. I have less than 6 months to broke.

I am a well-connected guy, know several people from other walks of life and other skills, so I keep in touch and have an open mind. I know there is money to be made on the internet. I am already getting a little exposure through EBAY where I have a store and making on average $300 per month. My expenses are about $10k per month, so as you can see I am screwed if I stay at this pace.

For all of you out there that have not done anything yet because you just don’t know how, do yourself a favor and follow me. I intend to reveal it all and share the good the bad and the ugly as I work myself out of this hole I am in. You can jump onboard and ride the wave with me. Or you can just take this as entertainment or use me as a study case to decide what you want to do latter.

My recommendation would be to get on board because I will succeed, and those that follow will make allot of money, if they follow along and do what I am doing. You will have the benefit of being close to real time as opposed to trying to recreate on your own the experiences, solutions and results.

I will be telling you each day what I have been doing and making suggestions. You can make comments and contact me for more info if you are seriously thinking about coming on board.

This way you can see I am real; I am who I say i am and doing what I say i am doing. In 6 months I will either go down blazing as I crash and burn or i will arise victorious in celebration. I prefer the latter and will hold my feet to the fire so as not to have you all see me die financially. This I think will hold me accountable and will create a following of believers that I hope to inspire onto a better financial place with me.

To date I have a few posting as I have been wandering around trying to get my ideas and a plan of action together. But now am ready to just do it. Read my crazy posts im scatterbrained but have good info and intentions. Just about the time I realized I better get serious about saving my butt and I should do something different I came across this opportunity for about the 10th time. I can’t remember when or where i first saw the informational video but i know i did about a year ago.

This opportunity video sounded alot like most, hyped up, high energy, and in my mind i placed it into the same category as most of the other caca out there. But boy was I wrong. I ignored it a few times as I would come across this time and time again as I bet you have. But then one day I viewed the whole video and to do so I had to leave my email. This started a string of emails. At first i thought crap what did I do to get all this crap coming in. But then I viewed another video and one more. It started to sound interesting, so I called the person who posted the video. He was a young person who had just started but was excited. Since they had not made any money yet, i dismissed it for the time being.

A few weeks later another person closer to my circle made mention of this, but again dismissed it because they too had just started and had not made money. But then, another even closer person, one whom I had met 4 years ago at a personal coaching breakthrough event. This person seemed timid, a definite introvert, not the kind you would think of as a sales superstar. I saw his profile updated on facebook. He chose to add a name in front of his real name like Hurricanejohhny. Truth being, I kind of chuckled because it sounded like a superhero name out of the comics and thought it sounded weird coming from him, the quite shy type. How did he get the nerve.?

So I decided to say hi on face-book and see what he had been up to. He said hello back but gave no details other than to say he would get back to me because he was in the middle of moving. While sending this message, another closer friend whom i trust, said hi to me on the live chat feature I had never used. He asked what I doing, that he had started something new and it was starting to payoff. He asked if I was open to take a look. I said ok and he set up a webinar a couple hours later.

I joined him on the webinar and, to my surprise this other person, Hurricanejohhny was the guest speaker. As it turns out, hurricane had just started to make it big and had just moved to COSTA RICA. When I came on the webinar to speak he asked who all was on it. He too was surprised to see me there as I was him. He began telling his story and my jaw hit the floor.

You see the shy; introvert had developed into an internet genius who had just last month cleared $30k from this online business. I wanted to know all the details about him. How this shy person could do this and did he have proof. Well he gave me his pass words to log onto his accounts to see this MBA (massive bank account). I was convinced he was for real and his story interesting.

I asked what he had been doing before his success. He said before he met me in 2008 he had just cleaned up from drug addiction. Had spent 10 years fighting it, went from program to program always falling back into it until he finally made the decision to get clean, find a purpose and focus.

When we met in 2008 he said he was trying to sell as I was real estate education called Nouveau Riche. When that ended in 2010 he moved in with a few other young men in California that had dreams of creating internet services to get rich. When that went bust in 2010 he stayed in touch with a couple of them that had been working on an online sales platform they developed.

When it started to take off, he heard about it, called them and they got him started as well as a few others. He has worked it about 8 months but he says the truth is he didn’t get it at first so wasted the first 3 to 4 months but then decided to call and asked for help. The light then went off and he started to make money. He then went to a live event and again had an epic moment and the gears kicked in and the money followed to the tune of $30 per month and he decided to move closer to the founders in Costa Rica.

I then and there decided this is it I am IN. But crap I don’t know much about the internet marketing. So here I am starting out a newbie for sure asking you all to take this journey with me. Follow me and my progress and more importantly get in the game, make money with me.

Some WILL some WONT, that’s just the way it is. But as for me I am and I will.

Enough for now Live More.

Follow this link below see every video, check this out totally and get on board with me you will not regret it if you do.