Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What are the odds of making it big in internet marketing ?

Could anyone know that they will succeed at an internet marketing business?

I was once asked “Richard what are your odds of succeeding in this internet marketing thing? “

Answer: 100% no doubt about it.

Come on REALLY?

I said yes REALLY!

WHY? I will explain with an example

Do you know what the odds are of becoming a black belt in Karate are?

About 100%

Really, because if you join a dojo / karate school, pay for the lessons,

buy the uniform, show up for class, do what you are told to do.

Actually learn the stuff and give it your best.

Then you will eventually get a black belt.

It’s not luck

It’s a predictable out come from following the instruction and not quiting.

That’s all

It’s pretty much the same for direct marketing sales

Especially if you are on a good company that has good training and marketing funnel that takes a lot of the work out.

So Follow the sets and don’t quit

It’s not hard

See the problem was in the question. What are the odds?

It is not about the odds.

As soon as I got started I decided I was committed to getting Rich, so it’s not about the odds
From the moment I decided and made the commitment so it’s really about joining in, paying for the lessons, doing as I am instructed and the results will follow as long as I do as I am told and I do not quit.

Live well and check this lin out below it is the answer.