Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The law of attraction ...is it real?

The Law of Attraction, have you read the books?

Could it be REAL?

If it is, how do I control it?

How do I get what I want?

How do I know it’s working?

There are some out there that will say it is a scam. But no-one is asking for money!

Some will say it was invented for money. Gee that’s a good one.

Study this on your own and you be the judge.

I believe you do this every second of every day weather you realize it or not.

Your thoughts create things.

Everything you see originated first in a thought. Did it not?

Look around you. How much thought went into making a car?

Literally millions from the nuts and bolts to the interior, lights, computer chip.

If the thought was not first inspired the items would not have materialized.

Well you say that's because they must have followed the idea or thought and turned it into an action.

That’s true. However if the idea was not born, neither would the action take place.

So if you want something, you first have to have the idea, and then take action to get it.


What is happening, when you have this idea, which is a desire, which turns into an expectation; is that a gateway for the expectation to manifest itself will open once you decide to take action.

Unless you allow fear and negativity rob you of it. These thoughts cause doubt, and causes roadblocks to appear before you at every turn. The sad part is that this is your own doing.

You see by allowing fear to creep into your head it shakes the foundation of your heart and weakens your belief. As soon as that happens your thoughts give birth to new actions that you caused to come into your life and play out your fears.

Have you ever heard the phrase: We are our own worst enemy? This is why.

This is one of many reasons some succeed and some fail.

Why some are rich and some are poor.

Why some are sick and some are healthy.

These conditions do not typically manifest themselves over night.

They are usually developed over a long period of time.

Could it be because they have thought about it too much?

Desired or feared these things so much that they spent so much time thinking about it that it happened?

My advice is to guard your mind of the thoughts that might steal your thunder or rob you of your dreams.

Dwell in the thoughts of prosperity, belief, health, wealth, well-being, strength, even in the face of what might look contradictory.


Maybe this is not a coincidence.

I think, I got little deep, but hopefully you will grasp that, you can get what you want; If you want it bad enough to take action. Do not lose sight of it. FOCUS on the prize.

If you like this info share it with others, say hello and follow my blogs and TAKE ACTION.

Live well