Thursday, July 18, 2013

Free Samples for more Consulting Business

Free samples are good for business 

Just like at the Deli give samples in Consulting.

Let them know its good enough to want more.

Giving away “free samples” is a time-honored marketing technique, one that is still alive today.
It is one of the habits common to many successful freelance consultants. In fact, I’ll argue that sharing “samples” with prospects may be even more important for the consultant than for many other types of businesses. Be so good you leave them wanting more.
When you read a book excerpt before you order it on Amazon you’re getting a free sample and you may not realize it, but you are getting samples when you sign up for newsletters or “special reports” and articles from web sites.
You have to be willing to give away items of value, with no assurance that  they will buy anything and that’s Ok. You must give freely and generously at least appear that way. Like a host at a party and your so happy they came. Make them feel special because they are.
You never want them to think you are holding back or feeling stressed about sharing information.  I often say when enough is enough by being polite and answering the question with a “Thank you for all the attention I see you are interested in what I can do for you and that is important. If I answer that question do I we have a deal?
We can use this to our advantage. Its like the person at the deli asking for more and more samples and being told politely, “I would be glad to give you more but tell me what your looking for to make a sale so we both win”. Are you ready to order? Did you not like any?
Some people are just wanting to eat enough to get them buy but they don’t want to spend any money. They don’t care if you do. Others are afraid of their jobs. They worry if they hire you they might be replaced. You need to remind them as I do. I tell them: “I can make you look good.” If you are presenting to a company that use more than one person to make the decision make sure they are all there before you schedule a trip.
Learn to relax and to close deals. Ask for the business when you done. Tell them “Your hear because you want something good, I am here to give that to you.  Lets find that something so we can seal a deal.
What are you looking for so I can direct you to the best experience and make a sale today?
You appear to be a person that knows what they want when they see it. Let me show you I can do what you need done that so we seal  a deal today.
We are here because you have a need, and  I believe I can fill it. So please share with me what that is, so we can see about reaching an agreement today.
I try to find out beforehand If they are still shopping. I will ask, by when do you plan to make a decision?
They need to know you are on your game, this is a business and you must treat it like one.
You need to help your prospects recognize some common problems and discuss them as a group, leaving the solutions to those problems as part of your paid services.
Remember: People don’t get what they deserve they get what they negotiate. 
Here below are some other great ways I use to give samples for more business.
  • Free introductory workshop sessions are another great approach, whether in person or as a webinar or conference call.
  • News letters
  • blogs
There,  I just gave you some free samples about giving samples. 
I hope you found this helpful
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