Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What about MONEY ..when should we talk about it?

When is a good time to talk about Money? 

The sooner the better. 

Make it an easy thing to talk about. 

Make sure your kids are ok with it by starting early.
They react to how we do toward money. 

If you complain about it, they might not feel like they are worthy of it. Let them know its ok, be relaxed when you talk about it. 

I did not want to go to college because my father complained about the cost. I felt like I could not burden them further with that. 
I have a degree in Business now and several accomplishments.  

Make your children responsible by giving them ways to earn money 
Give them chores around the house they are responsible for. 
Treat it like a job and they will.  
Let them walk all over you and they will when they grow up try the same. 

When they are teenagers and want things 
This is a great time for lessons on money. This is when things get a little more challenging. They think they can fool us at times. 
Not making the bed right, hide the garbage rather than taking it out. Get the other sibling to do it etc. The main thing is to treat them with the respect you would want them to exemplify. 

When learning to drive
Oh the thrill of it. I would do anything to get to drive. This is a good time to use that to your advantage. 

The average first time drive will get in an accident within 2 miles of the home and withing the first 6 months of driving alone. 

When they get to 18 or college. 
 WOW what a change that is. 
Going away to college is awesome. 
It helps them grow up fast. If you can afford it great. If you cant try and encourage them and do what you can. Grants and other help is available  be there for them. This is a tough subject.

When you find the perfect partner. 

Now things get touchy so you might cower a little. 
But don't,,,, this is important. 

The last thing you want is to come home one day as a newly wed, to find a zero balance on your accounts, because the partner has a problem with money. 

Or feel like you can't buy anything on your own. Both are bad. Better to get that out in the open before you get seriously hitched. 

There are many other times to talk about money besides these. The next big one is when planning for retirement.

We didn't talk about this in the video but we will soon as another topic because this one has other dynamics to talk about. 

OK so now lets you and I talk about money: 

When you want more out of life. 
Not happy at work
Feel a calling to do something different 
When you have a DREAM that cant be denied. 

Thats when you must look at this video below. 

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Do not get caught up in the hype. Know that results vary. 
Some make no money while other tear it up and make crazy money. 

If you are to take this on, you must prepare to work like never before. 

Not because it is hard but because it may seen hard to you. 

After all it is new. You did not learn to talk in a day. 
But once you did. It wasn't so bad. 

This is the same way. but it all start with a decision. 
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