Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 We elect government to govern not to take away our freedom.

 We control our government but it wants to control us.

 The Child wants to tell the parents whats best for them as if they are incapable.

 The next thing that would happen is, the child will take more rights away to gain total control so that they can without opposition line their own pockets. Eat away at the little things that cause us to argue among ourselves, and pretending to have the solution that is best for us. Gain a little of the peoples votes just to have their way on the major issues that give them more power.

 Gun Control,…..our country gained it’s freedom with the gun. It became obvious to our forefathers that if the people could not defend themselves against its own government the government would control the people. In America We the people are supposed to control our government. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. 

 Immigration,…. The entire country is made of immigrants. how quickly it is forgotten that we all came from some other place. If we truly want to make things right the only ones left in American would the the native people that we took the land away from by force. People from all over the world come here and should be treated with respect. If anyone desires to come here a process should be in place to make that happen without criminalizing. 

 Medical reform...Why is this reform only good for the people but not the ones making the reform? IF it is good enough for us it is good enough for ALL. No acceptations. School reform..take away the governments heavy hand in this and privatize it and watch it flourish like never before. Too much red tape, government spending that lines government pockets without producing good results in education. School teachers that cant be fired, officials that if fired make make more money and collect to much in retirement that if we knew the facts we would all want to hang the people who made it that way. 

 Abortion ….I think we all know that at times this will be required. The real issues is should we the people pay for it? I say not unless it is a rape or other circumstance other than poor judgement. If the person wants an abortion don’t make it a crime but don’t make the people pay for it either. Those that choose to have a child must assume the responsibility for that child. Those that choose to not have one are also responsible and should assume the responsibility as well. 

 Prison reform…It was not broke when the prisoners where made to become self sufficient. It wasn't until we allowed them the criminals to become a burden on the state instead of the forcing them to become a contributor. Criminals should be made to become self sufficient while paying for their crime. A dollar amount that they should earn to pay society back for their infractions should be the penalty. They can earn this amount in prison. This would teach them new skills and make them more productive while relieving society of the burden. Prisons should be run like businesses. 

 While we fight about this the government takes greater control by giving themselves raises, increased retirement benefits and making their own benefits exclusive and apart from what they say is best for us.

Then they spy on us all to enable them to make any accusations they want and we would have no defense. 

So if you are a threat to their power they can dispose of you quickly without a fight. Edward Snowden is a hero who stood up for our freedom that knows if possible he too would now be disposed of quickly by our government. Accused of treason, espionage and what ever else, so they can to get control of the one person that knows too much about them and threatens their power.


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