Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rolling Stone will be placing the Boston Bomber on The Cover.

by  | on July 18, 2013 

Will Rolling Stone take a black eye for this one?

Boston Bomber on the Cover of Rolling Stone

In my opinion they should take a punch. 

What they heck are they thinking?


They are betting the controversy will spark sales.

They are gambling and so are all the sponsors that pay to be there in those pages.

Rolling Stone has a following,  The people at Rolling Stone are counting on them and believe they will support them in sales.

But why would they?

The Bomber is not a Musician.

The Bomber is not a good guy with a feel good story.

The Bomber is a terrorist who murdered people in a country that took him in and he was receiving an education here. He chose to throw it all away or didn’t care for it in the first place. In either case his heart was not loyal to this country. He could have just gone home. I know his older brother was an influence but Holy Crist this was murder. I love my brothers too but would not follow them to their grave while killing the innocent.

What message does this send to other would be terrorist?

What does this tell the others on the same cover of Rolling Stone that are musicians.

You can be named on the cover, but not your photo because that is reserved for Terrorists.

I do hope the sales of this issue go bust.

If this turns out to benefit those involved it will only escalate. Others will do it again.

The motive is still money and if the people of America are disgusted with it, they will rally as some stores are to not sell the issue.

The sales will tell the truth.

If you are a subscriber you are already paying for it.

Support your local terrorist  is what you might be doing. How cool man the Bomber got on The Cover of the Rolling Stone.

If I where a subscriber I would tell them how I feel. Cancel my subscription.

I feel that the news has already covered this story that unfolded like a movie.

The heroes where those that brought them to justice and the crowds cheered for them.

The stories of the victims are far more important than the bomber’s and will be forever impacted in a much more negative way than that of the bomber’s.

I have a saying, I will share for everyone here that I think fits.






In my opinion if you buy the magazine you re supporting terrorism and those that are gambling on you to make money from it.

Is the Music industry that bad today that the major music magazine would chose the bomber to place on the cover instead of a musician.

If I where a musician like Willy Nelson or Jay Z I would be pissed.

You got out ranked by the Bomber. WHY….. his good lyrics?

His good looks? His good heart?

It is up to the people now.

Live more…live well…

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